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Muscular Dystrophy is the name given to a group of neuromuscular conditions, which are for the most part genetic.  These conditions are found in the nerves, muscles or at the nerve muscle joint and all cause the muscles to waste away and become weaker.  It is estimated the neuromuscular condtions affect over 20,000 Australians.

There are over 60 different types of neuromuscular conditions, however despite the variety of conditions falling under the umbrella of Muscular Dystrophy , they do have certain common features.  These Include;

Muscles Weakness: Each condition causes a characteristic pattern of muscle weakness.

Progressive: All pf the neuromuscular conditions get progressively worse.  Some progress very quickly whilst others progress more slowly.

Hereditary: While the majority of neuromuscular conditions are hereditary, they can and frequently occur without a previous family history.  This is due to spontaneous mutation at the time of conception.

There is currently no cure for Muscular Dystrophy.