MD Foundation Australia

Muscular Dystrophy Associations have been serving people with neuromuscular conditions in Australia for over 50 years, the first established in South Australia on 4th August 1954. Since then associations have been established in each state, including:

•    New South Wales (
•    Queensland (
•    South Australia and the Northern Territory (
•    Tasmania
•    Western Australia (

Muscular Dystrophy Foundation Australia was established in 2005 to increase the level of collaboration between the state Muscular Dystrophy Associations. In May 2008 it took a significant step in appointing its first CEO.

Muscular Dystrophy Foundation Australia now comprises five states and territories, covering 2/3 of Australia’s population. In the Northern Territory services are provided by MD South Australia. We are also working with families in the ACT to establish a support organisation for all neuromuscular conditions.