Our Services

Adian tas

(Above – Adian in his new wheelchair at school swimming sports, He was U11 runner up boy)

The primary business of MDTasmania is to provide, where possible, equipment and/or services to help people affected by any form of muscular dystrophy cope with their condition. In general MDTasmania will try to meet the high priority needs of as many individuals as possible rather than all the needs of a few people.

Assistance is given where possible but otherwise people are :

a) referred to an appropriate organisation or medical professional

b) funded in part or full to meet the cost of essential equipment or services funds are available and the application process is followed.

Applications must be made to the committee on the appropriate form and supply specific documentation supporting the application to: MDTasmania, 26 Goulburn Street, Hobart, TAS, 7000

Equipment Funding

The type of equipment funded includes: wheelchairs, electric and manual; beds; toilet and shower seats; walking frames; electric armchairs; specific computer equipment needed for clients at High School.

Other Support

Assistance may also be given towards;

a) fees and fares for a members and their carer to attend a muscular dystrophy camp or activities especially catering for people with disabilities, here in Tasmania and on the mainland.

b) fees and fares for members and/or carers to attend information sessions or conferences focussing on Muscular dystrophy either in Tasmania or on the mainland.

c) fees and fares for appropriate medical professionals to attend seminars/conferences focussing on muscular dystrophy in Tasmania or on the mainland

Support Groups

Unfortunately due to the rare nature of neuromuscular conditions and the limited resources of our association, it is not possible in Tasmania to offer respite or crisis care or support groups for each form of muscular dystrophy. There is a support group for Charcot Marie Tooth MD only.